Wahl Spirolls 18-Piece Conical Heated Rollers

Wahl Spirolls Conical Heated Rollers Review

Wahl Spirolls Conical Heated Rollers Review

Imagine this, you have long hair, and wish to curl it for yourself. This works well, and you get great looking curls. Now, you’ve cut your hair and want to curl it once more. Sadly however, the rollers do not fit your hair length anymore.

Key Features

  • Uniquely shaped rollers (cone-like in appearance)
  • Includes 18 rollers (12 large and 6 medium-sized)
  • Includes hair clips
  • Heat ready indicator
  • Instructional DVD and styling guide
  • Comes with a storage ready case

So you have to buy hair rollers that are fit for short hair. Has this ever happened to you? If it has, worry no longer. The new Wahl Spirolls Conical Heated Rollers (click to view on Amazon) have been specially made to work for both very long and very short hair.

These uniquely shaped rollers give women a more diversified look without the hassle. You can use them no matter how long or how thick your hair is and always get great curls in the process.

If you have seen what rollers look like, then you may find the shape of the Wahl Spirolls Black/Grey 18-Piece Conical Heated Rollers a little bit strange. This is because instead of being cylindrical, these rollers are conical. It is this patented shape that allows users to gain a more diversified curl over the traditional looking one.Wahl Spirolls 18-Piece Conical Heated Rollers

The set includes 12 large rollers and 6 medium ones. This variety helps users take control over how large and how loose they want their curls to be. All of these rollers work great for long, medium and short hair. These are all flock-coated and very easy to use.

The full-length clips keep the rollers securely in place, never letting them slide or fall from hair. This promises even curls all throughout your hair.A heat indicator button is available as well, to inform users when the rollers are hot and ready for use. The cool-touch tips of this product prevents you from burning your fingers or scalp in the process of putting the rollers into place. The rollers come out easily as well, never tugging or pulling out your locks.

Because these rollers are so unique, they come with an instructional DVD to help you get the most out of them. A styling guide is available as well, to help you think up of more ways to curl your hair. The Wahl Spirolls Black/Grey 18-Piece Conical Heated Rollers comes with a handy storage case and is easily portable.


  • The unique shape of these rollers makes them easy to use for all hair lengths.
  • The instructional DVD is very helpful, and allows users to get the most out of this product.
  • The indicator light and clips have been commended, as well as the helpful storage bag.
  • The variety in roller shape gives users the option of deciding what type of curls they want for the day.


Some users found the clips supplied were not flexible enough to work with long hair.

What do users say

Users enjoy the Wahl Spirolls Black/Grey 18-Piece Conical Heated Rollers for it does as advertised. It gives curls that last in a manner that is both quick and painless. The device is easy to use and easy to store away.

Take about 10 minutes to warm up. Comes with a DVD of how to apply them. I found it easy to put in by myself. Gave a fab curl (better than my old heated rollers). Found them a touch heavy when all applied to head. I suggest that you tie a scarf around them to keep the weight even.

J Croke, Amazon Customer

“Good product, after bit of practice good results, curls hair very quicky, Saves time pop them in do your makeup then remove for big curls which last.”

Alison McCarley, Amazon Customer


Overall, if you are looking for a set of rollers to give you more diverse curls, then the Wahl Spirolls Conical Heated Rollers (click to view on Amazon) is a practical buy for you.

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