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Tips on using Heated Rollers for Long Hair

Modern hairstyling tools have taken the hair styling industry to higher levels and demand. It has become very crucial for all classic hair stylists to learn how to use these modern hot rollers.

These styling tools are designed for both commercial salons and for home personal uses. They are simple and more secure to use as long as you have the knowledge of how to use them.

Why Use Heated rollers on Long Hair

Heated rollers are meant to give your long hair waves and curls without necessarily using the curling iron. Heated rollers have been in existence or many years but the modern heated rollers are more easy to use in addition to achieving big, bouncy waves. They come in different varieties with different lengths and widths.

Heated rollers have proved to be of great importance to all those who use them as a result of creating uniform looks when they have different curls on their head. When creating a wet set, heated rollers will give a permanent hold thus enabling the users to prepare long hair perfectly.

One of the benefits of using the heated rollers is that you can shift to doing something else while you are waiting for them to cool up.


To ensure that you get the best out of your heated rollers for long hair, take a look at these tips from stylists.

Blow dry your long hair first

It is recommended to ensure that your long hair is perfectly dry before you can decide using heated rollers. For instance, you can have your long hair done a thorough blow dry will make sure that the outer surface layer of your hair is laid flat thus giving more volume to your finished look. It also ensures that the style lasts for quite a long period of time without getting damaged. Moreover, lightweight serum is recommended to insulate you from excessive heat from the heated rollers.

Set curls free after unrolling them

You need to have the clips removed at first to ensure that unrolling is done well. This ensures that your hair strands are falling freely. The newly curls are then loosed with your fingers by moving them from roots to the strand ends. A paddle brush or a tooth comb can be used as well.

Use larger size rollers

Since heated rollers come in various diameters, it is advisable to really the know the best size that is most suitable for your hair. For instance, smaller heated rollers like those with a diameter below 1.5 inches are not the best to create curls that will last for long periods and reducing frizz. Larger size rollers are highly recommended for big volume creation which in turn gives a good look. Modern curl sizes are achieved with a larger heated roller for creation of softer waves and with big volumes. You will need to have enough rollers before you start curling your long hair to have a good job done.

Use a heat protectant Spray

Using a heat protectant is one of the best techniques for using a heated roller when curling your long hair. Long and wavy hair is likely to get damaged from heating especially if it originates from the soft side of the strands. A heat insulator creates a barrier between the potential heat and your strands especially to those with coarse or fine hair strands. It is recommended to always use your favorite heat protectors when you are using heated rollers. Make sure that the heat protectors are evenly distributed to all parts of your hair before you can start curling. Heat protectors such as heat sprays are recommended since they are simple and easy to apply evenly throughout the entire hair strands.

Straightening first

When your long hair has very tight curls which are hindering good heat styling such as reverting to a texture similar to that natural one in humid conditions, then straighten your hair might be the best option before you can start applying the heated rollers. On the other hand, if your hair is responding well to the heated rollers you can go directly to go the natural wash and drying then heating your hair. Some people prefer curls when straightening was not done at first since they seem to have a better look. Straightened before using heated rollers thus depends on individual taste and preferences. You will decide how you want your hair heated anyway.

Split hair into sections

You need a uniform effect through the hair without even a single mismatches pattern anywhere. This will be possible when your hair is sectioned using clips before you can start using the heated rollers. Sectioning will ensure that more even patterns are made for easier rolling thus getting the best results as you desired. Note sectioning will not only help in the creation of uniform patterns though out but also making the rolling process more manageable and with top outcomes. This is a critical step for better outcomes so skipping such a step may not bring the best results.

Choose your favorite part before you roll

Ensure that you have created your favorite part even before you can place heated rollers on your hair. This helps you to have an easy time styling your hair to a perfect volume you desire after you have taken heated rollers from the hair. For instance, if you are interested in large volume waves, it is recommended to have a deep side part.

Rolling from bottom to top

When rolling is made from bottom to top the result is having your curls sitting at the bottom of the strands. The bottom strands which are much closer to the roots remain untouched thus creating even curls. On the other hand, if rolling is done from top to bottom then the outcomes will be nice since most of the strand will sit on top of each other thus creating more volume for curls at the roots. You will decide which type of rolling you like. It will be done for you anyway.


If you have long hair then you can definitely get some great curls using your rollers by using some of the tips mentioned in this post. If your interested discovering our recommend heated rollers set click here to view our buyers guide.