Revlon 9033U 18-Piece Hair Roller Set Review

Revlon 9033U 18-Piece Hair Roller Set Review

Revlon 9033U 18-Piece Hair Roller SetKey Features

  • Comes with 18 concave rollers (six large, six medium-sized and six small)
  • Heat ready indicator
  • Comes with 18 metal pins
  • 2-year guarantee

Getting perfect curls is not as easy as movies make it look. Sometimes, we may burn our fingers or our hair in the process. Worse yet, when we finally take out our rollers, our curls are limp, sagging and don’t even last for an hour. All of this can become a thing of the past with the Revlon 9033U 18-Piece Hair Roller Set (click to view on Amazon).

These rollers, from the trusted Revlon brand, may change the way you think about hair curling. Now, you can get great looking curls that last whenever you want.

Revlon 9033U 18-Piece Hair Roller Set

The Revlon 9033U 18-Piece Hair Roller Set refers to a set of rollers that revolutionizes the way we see hair curling. One of the first differences between these rollers and ordinary rollers is the concave shape of the product. This shape has been seen as ideal for creating the best possible shapes and curls, and providing users with the most volume.

The rollers come in three sizes – small, medium and large. The small rollers can be used to create tight curls that can be used throughout the hair or just to frame your face. The medium rollers create a looser curl that is still bouncy and full. The large roller creates the loosest of all curls, giving users the beach or Bohemian look that is still very ‘in’ until now.

The Revlon 9033U includes 18 metal pins that keep the rollers in place once in your hair. The heat indicator button of this device allows a user to know when the curlers are ready to be used.


  • The Revlon 9033U 18-Piece Hair Roller Set does exactly as advertised, according to most customers.
  • The rollers stay in your hair well thanks to the metal pins, and do not slip out no matter how much you walk around.
  • The variety in roller shape gives users the control of creating the curls they want.
  • The curls themselves last for a long time and do not go limp halfway throughout the night.


Some users have had problems with keeping their rollers in place in their hair.

What Do Users Say

Overall, it can be said that majority of people who have reviewed this product are happy with its performance. The curls look beautiful and last for a long time. The whole set is compact and easy to bring along wherever you want to go. This way, you can even have great-looking curls on a vacation of business trip.

“Got these for my mom in law and she loves it so much she asked me to order another set so she has a backup at our home. They are a bit heavy as a set but I didn’t remove a star for that. They are sturdy and have a good range of sizes and heat up quickly.”

Sava, Amazon Customer

“I am extremely pleased with this item from Amazon, it arrived very quikly, the rollers are very easy to use, heat up quickly and it is small and light, only downside the pins could have been colour colded.”

Hazel O, Amazon Customer


Overall, the Revlon 9033U 18-Piece Hair Roller Set (click to view on Amazon) is a smart and practical buy for people looking for a set of rollers that offers variety in roller size in a compact carrying bag.

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