BaByliss Pro – 30 Piece Heated Ceramic Rollers Review

Updated BaByliss Pro – 30 Piece Heated Ceramic Rollers Review

BaByliss Pro - 30 Piece Heated Ceramic Rollers

Key Features

  • Set includes 30 heated rollers (8 jumbo-sized, 8 large, 8 medium and 8 small)
  • 15 super clips and 30 metal pins included
  • Temperature variable settings
  • Space saving folding arm

At some point or another in life, you must have imagined yourself with beautiful curls that even a Disney Princess or a Hollywood actress would have been envious of.

Then time comes to curl you hair, and you are left with limp curls that don’t even last an hour. If this has happened to you before, don’t fret. It has happened to the best of us.

One solution to the problem of disastrous curls is the revolutionary BaByliss Pro – 30 set, which offers women beautiful and long lasting curls in an easy and painless manner. Now, you can have shiny curls every day and anytime you want.

The BaByliss Pro – 30 Piece Heated Ceramic Rollers is a set of rollers that gives you bouncy and beautiful curls in a manner that is quick, easy and pain-free.BaByliss Pro - 30 Piece Heated Ceramic Rollers

When buying this set, you are paying for a package of 30 rollers in four different sizes; 8 jumbo-sized rollers, 8 large rollers, 8 medium rollers and lastly, 6 small rollers. This variability in rollers gives users the option of anything from small, tight curls to curls that are big and bouncy. This allows you to mix and match curls to get a look that is all your own. All of these rollers have been color coded for your convenience.

The ceramic rollers are covered with a material that easily grips hair, allowing the rollers to stay in position. It is this covering that allows for the easy removal of the hair rollers, saving you from the painful tug of war you may have experienced with other rollers.

It also has a temperature variable setting with two settings to choose from. This allows the device to exude more heat in the case of thick and long hair, compared to the minimal heat needed to set finer hair. This prevents hair from burning or drying out, and lets the device become compatible with your hair type.

The BaByliss Pro – 30 Piece Heated Ceramic Rollers comes with a folding arm that sets the whole device into a vertical position when not in use. This saves a user valuable closet or bathroom space, which is always a plus.


  • The color coded rollers are very easy and convenient to use. No longer will you mess up small and large rollers because of how similar they look.
  • The variety of sizes that the BaByliss Pro – 30 Piece Heated Ceramic Rollers comes with allows a user to choose between tight, small curls; loose, big curls and anything in between.
  • The vertical folding arm has been commended as well, for its space saving ability.


  • Some customers who have reviewed this unit, state that the rollers do not heat up enough to curl very thick or long hair.

What Do Users Say

It can be concluded that most customers are happy with their BaByliss Pro – 30 Piece Heated Ceramic Rollers. They work as advertised, curling hair in an easy and painless manner. Customers enjoy the great variety in roller sizes offered to them by this product, as well as the device’s foldable arm.

“My hairdresser has used these rollers on my hair and I was delighted with the results. I have fine, somewhat flat hair – but with these rollers my hairdresser achieved lovely soft waves with lots of volume. (Don’t expect tight, defined curls.) I was so impressed, I’m buying a set for myself.”

Marie, Amazon Customer

“Very happy with this item it was a present for my daughter and she simply loves them.Makes such a difference to her hair she can do it in half the time now :)”

Georgina, Amazon Customer

“Excellent product – this is replacing my original set of rollers that I had for 23 years. They are really good and heat very quickly. More than enough rollers in the set”

Ann, Amazon Customer


Overall, the BaByliss Pro – 30 Piece Heated Ceramic Rollers (click to view on Amazon) are a practical buy for people looking for a simple set of rollers with no other special features. These rollers seem to work best for people with fine hair, and may not be suitable for customers with very thick or very long hair.

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