BaByliss 3035U Thermo-Ceramic Rollers Review

Updated BaByliss 3035U Thermo-Ceramic Rollers Review

BaByliss 3035U Thermo-Ceramic Rollers

Key Features

  • Comes with 20 thermo-ceramic soft touch rollers
  • Ionic conditioning technology
  • High heat performance
  • Variable temperature settings
  • On/off indicator light
  • Auto shut-off feature

I know a lot of you reading this article here today have had your share of bad curling experiences. Some of you may have burned your hair in the process, while others ended up with limp curls that don’t look like curls at all. Others may have even experienced getting great looking curls that simply don’t last on your way to the party.

It is time to step up your game and time to let the BaByliss 3035U Heated Rollers (click to view on Amazon) into your homes. This device promises to give women all over the world beautiful curls that really last.

The 3035U Rollers offers users the chance to get beautiful curls that last for less the price, less the time and less the hassle.BaByliss 3035U Thermo-Ceramic Rollers

Included in this set are 20 rollers in large, medium and small sizes. This variety gives users the control of choosing how large or how small they want their curls to be. A woman can go for curls anywhere between big and bouncy to small and tight. People can mix and match their curls as well.

These twenty thermo-ceramic rollers give users smooth curls that are shiny to look at and soft to touch. The high heat performance of the device keeps the curls in place, not allowing them to go limp or fall out throughout the day, since heat is delivered quickly and evenly to your hair.The ionic conditioning system of the BaByliss 3035U unit is the feature that helps prevent frizzy curls. This is especially important for users with naturally frizzy hair or fine hair that reacts quickly to static.

The temperature settings of this device can be changed to suit your hair type. This device comes with an automatic shut-off feature, for extra safety precautions.


  • One thing that users immediately liked about the BaByliss 3035U Thermo-Ceramic Rollers is that it gives curls that last without having to leave the rollers in your hair for too long. This helps prevent damage and breakage that long exposure to heat may bring to hair.
  • The rollers have also been said to be comfortable and very light to use.
  • They can be easily removed in a painless manner.
  • The clips and auto shut-off feature of this product have been commended as well.


What some users have noticed is that the rollers do not work well with very thick hair. Also, though the clips included in the BaByliss 3035U Thermo-Ceramic Rollers work well, customers who have appreciated a storage place or a simple net bag to keep the clips in place when not in use.

BaByliss 3035U Thermo-Ceramic RollersWhat do users say

Most customers who have reviewed this product are more than happy with the results they have gotten. The curls look nice and stay that way for a long time. The safety feature, high heat, ionic conditioning system and variable temperature settings have all been commended. Some people however, state that these rollers do not work well on their thick hair. Also, users wish that the company included a simple bag to hold the pins and clips included in the set.

“Because I have very straight and fine hair I was somewhat weary before buying this item. However, the curls came out really nice even though I was just learning to put the rollers in properly. Just hair sprayed over with Elnett and got a good hold all day. Would definitely recommend to others!!!”

Rehana Ali, Amazon Customer

“I love these, perfect for retro fifties styles on mid length hair like I have. They work so quickly, in ten minutes you’re good to go. The different sizes are great for different looks. Very pleased!”

Caroline, Amazon Customer

“Have been looking for the perfect thing to curl my hair. These are perfect, easy to use, great results. Would definitely recommend these. A+”

Vanessa Kehoe, Amazon Customer


Overall, the BaByliss 3035U Ceramic Rollers (click to checkout on Amazon) is a practical buy for people looking for a good set of rollers to give them great curls, for less the price.

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