Best Heated Rollers Guide 2016

Do you love the feeling of having curls in your hair and are you tired of having to travel to a salon to get great curls. And after all that running around you end up arriving late for the event you were getting ready for, then you may be in the market for a set of heated rollers.

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However there are so many models available and choosing a set of rollers can be difficult so we are here to help. We compare and review all the latest hair rollers to help you decide. Checkout our comparison table:

Comparison Table




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3045BU Heated Rollers

Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers

Remington H0747 Jumbo Curls Hair Rollers










rollers for ultra
fast heat up

Duo heat
technology to
firmly lock in

Ceramic coating
for even heat
and smooth look










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Best 3 Heated Rollers 2016

Among the products or brands that we have reviewed so far, the following are on my top 3:

BaByliss 3035BU Thermo Ceramic Rollers Review

When flipping through a magazine, you are likely to stop at a certain page and admire something about it. It could be the featured camera of the month, a new lotion or a restaurant advertisement. A lot of women, no matter what age, usually stop at the pages with models and movie actresses. What captures us about these pictures is more than just their fame, but their looks as well, more specifically, their perfect hair.

BaByliss 3035BU Thermo Ceramic RollersThere are countless products on the market nowadays that advertise that they can give you salon-perfect hair. The BaByliss 3035BU Thermo Ceramic Rollers is one of those rare products that actually work. You can get Hollywood worthy curls in a matter of minutes, in a manner that is quick and painless.

Key Features

imagesSet includes 20 thermo-ceramic soft touch rollers (8 large, 6 medium and 6 small)

imagesVariable temperature settings

imagesHigh heat performance

imagesIndication button

imagesIncludes easy-to-use clips and metal pins

images3-year guarantee

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The BaByliss 3035BU Thermo Ceramic Rollers is one of those products that you can find being used anywhere from the most top-notch hair salons to your best friend’s sister’s bedroom.

This product consists of 20 thermo-ceramic soft touch rollers in three different sizes. The set includes 8 large rollers, 6 medium-sized rollers and another 6 small rollers. This variety of sizes offers people versatility in creating the exact curls he/she may want, regardless of hair type. It is in this manner that small tight curls, loose curls and messy curls can be mixed and matched.BaByliss 3035BU Thermo Ceramic RollersThis device heats up quickly, making it convenient to use in those last-minute fix-ups. A convenient indication button lights up when the rollers are hot enough to be used. Once in your hair, the BaByliss 3035BU Thermo Ceramic Rollers stay hot for around 15 minutes before they begin to cool down. This assures you that your curls are not only perfect, but long lasting as well.


  • The BaByliss 3035BU Thermo Ceramic Rollers are easy-to-use and easy to store away.
  • The product offers users a variety of different curls and hairstyles to choose from, depending on the size of the rollers used, time left in hair and hair type.
  • These rollers are also tangle-free, and save you from those tug-of-war matches that sometimes occur between a user and an old set of rollers.
  • The device heats up quickly and stays hot for an ample enough amount of time for your hair to set.


Some people believe that two clips and a handful of metal pins are not enough to be deemed useful when curling hair. Users with particularly thick hair have commented as well that the BaByliss 3035BU Thermo Ceramic Rollers do not give their hair the curls they want.

Customer Reviews

This product has received a considerably larger amount of positive reviews than negative reviews. Users like this product for its easy-to-use ability and safety features. The rollers do not tangle in your hair like ordinary curlers, and leave your hair in beautiful curls for a long time. Some users however, have commented that the metal pins are lacking and confusing to use. Women with particularly thick hair have also complained that the device does not work well with their hair, leaving them with limp curls or none at all.

“I have long, semi-thick hair and these work great to give my hair some extra lift. After I take the hot rollers out, my hair is quite curly, but I usually brush the curls out within about ten minutes and my hair is left bouncy with wave that lasts the whole day! I suppose if someone wanted ringlets these rollers could do the job with a bit of hairspray. Overall, great buy.”

Madison Myers, Amazon Customer Review

“Quick delivery and great product. I only wish I had tried them years ago. The rollers heat up in less than 5 minutes and are not too hot to handle at all. I used to roll my hair years ago so found it easy to use the pins and the clips are a bonus.”

Annie, Amazon Customer Review

“I love this product! I was unsure in the beginning if the rollers would damage my hair as it is very fragile/fine but the possibility of adjusting the temperature prevents it and ensures that people with all hair types can use this. Don’t be afraid, use them! They won’t damage your hair. Start with the lowest temperature setting and you will be fine. The 3 sizes give 3 types of curl (the bigger gives you a more wavy shape rather than tight curls, as the smaller ones gives). My hair is short, so I wasn’t sure if the bigger rollers would hold in place but after I tried, they DO STAY and give this soft wave, so I love all of them. I think BaByliss Ceramic Rollers are of a great value. I can only recommend this product!”

Sara, Amazon Customer Review

The BaByliss 3035BU Thermo Ceramic Rollers has been reviewed by 161 customers on Amazon and has been given a impressive customer score of 4.2 out of 5.0. Click here to read more verified customer reviews on Amazon.


Overall, the BaByliss 3035BU Thermo Ceramic Rollers is a very good buy when looking for a set of rollers to give you nice and long-lasting curls. If you hair is very thick or very long however, maybe a more heavy-duty set of rollers should be looked at.

Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers Review

If you have ever tried curling your hair on your own, then you must know of the mishaps that accompany this experience. You have probably gotten limp curls before, burned your hair or ended up with curly hair that only lasted a few minutes. If any of this has happened to you, or if you are simply looking for a good set of rollers, then the Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers is just the thing.

Enrapture Extremity Heated RollersEnrapture Extremity Heated Rollers are rollers that take your hair from normal to beautiful. This device firmly locks in curls with lasting results.

Key Features

imagesPatented duo heat technology

imagesHigh heat delivered from core

imagesSet includes twenty velvety rollers

imagesSet includes butterfly clips

imagesEasy-to-read LED display

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The Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers is a set of rollers that does everything just right to give a customer soft, big-body and luscious curls.

The unique duo heat technology of this device means that your hairstyle will be set quickly from two heat sources. This allows even the longest and thickest of hair to get beautiful curls. This product includes a heat core system as well, which means that heat is slowly released when in a user’s hand, but quickly once in your hair. These rollers give off high heat once in proper position, and then cool down for 10 minutes. It is this feature that allows for long-lasting curls than don’t go limp halfway through the night.Enrapture Extremity Heated RollersThe Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers includes twenty velvety rollers, 10 large and ten medium-sized, that allow for a tug-free styling experience. These rollers help in giving variety to a person’s hairstyle, allowing the options of tight curls or loose curls. The butterfly clips aids in sectioning your hair and keeping it in places while being curled. This device comes equipped with a LED front panel display, which holds these rollers, clips and cord in its base.


  • One thing that is unique about this roller set is its LED display. Once this device has been plugged in, its LED screen lights up and tells a user when the rollers are ready to use.
  • These heat up in around two minutes, which is a relatively short time compared to similar rollers.
  • The assorted rollers offer a user variety in choosing curls.


Some users have commented that the rollers leave lines where the grip has been left in. this may be due to improper use so always follow manufacturer instructions.

Customer Reviews

The Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers has received more than ten good reviews for every bad review posted. Overall, customers are more than satisfied with their Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers. What people like most is that you can simply leave the curlers in and go around the house doing other tasks. The rollers are easy to put in and easy to use. They do not burn your hand or your hair and are very safe to use. The additional clips and LED display screen have been commended as well. Some customers mentioned that when taking rollers out, grip lines are left in place.

“Thank you for the Enrapture rollers. They really are great. Easy to use, curls stay put and leave hair soft and not dry. I would definitely recommend them.”

Sue Drencg, Amazon Customer Review

“Read the reviews on this product and checked main shop prices. They were very expensive but much cheaper via amazon. They really do heat up almost immediately and gave me lovely bouncy curls. I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone.”

Curly Sue, Amazon Customer Review

“I am a freelance hair stylist, I first came across these rollers through one of my clients purchasing them. They heat up very fast, provide excellently volume and curls. Do not listen to the bad review on here that say the curls do not last. Curls always drop, unless you use the correct hair products and sprays to suit your hair type. Depending on whether you are looking to create curls, waves or volume would rely on which rolling technique you used and where you placed the rollers. Do not listen to unprofessionals who just haven’t grasped how to manage their own hair.”

Sarah, Amazon Customer Review

The Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers has been reviewed by 52 customers on Amazon and has been given a impressive customer score of 4.2 out of 5.0. Click here to read more verified customer reviews on Amazon.


All in all, the Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers is a practical buy for anybody looking for a good set of rollers to create curls that are beautiful and long lasting.

Remington H0747 Jumbo Curls Hair Rollers Review

At times, we may cringe at the thought of rollers and the stressful experiences that accompany their use. We may have experienced burned hair, stung fingers, limp noodle-like curls and curls that only last for half an hour. If you wish to escape these curling nightmares, I have just the right dream for you to follow.

Remington H0747 Jumbo Curls Hair RollersThe Remington H0747 Jumbo Curls Hair Rollers gives a user the break they need, by offering beautiful curls in a painless and easy-to-do manner. No longer do you have to go to parties or special occasions with your hair in a bun hiding your misshaped curls. With this device, curls can be done quickly and easily, anytime and anywhere.

Key Features

imagesSet includes 12 soft grip rollers (8 jumbo sized and 4 super jumbo sized)

imagesCeramic coating

imagesPro-ionic conditioning system

imagesWax core for higher heat retention

imagesOn-indicator button

images12 comfort hair clips and 12 hair pins included

imagesComes with its own storage case

imagesThree year guarantee

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What the Remington H0747 Jumbo Curls Hair Rollers offer a user is an easy way to get curls that are big on volume and low on frizz.

The ceramic coating of these rollers allows heat to be evenly distributed throughout the length of the device. This also allows rollers to glide into hair smoothly, never catching or tugging on your sensitive locks.

The pro-ionic conditioning system transforms water molecules in damp hair to smaller droplets, which are easier to dry. Your hair thus gets dry in less the time, keeping your hair in healthy condition. It is this feature of the device that leaves your hair frizz free and shiny.

The wax core of the Remington H0747 Jumbo Curls Hair Rollers holds in heat for a longer amount of time. This allows for curls that are long-lasting and don’t drop down halfway through the night. This wax is found in the very centre of the rollers, and does not come into contact with hair.Remington H0747 Jumbo Curls Hair Rollers The color-coded rollers, silver for jumbo and violet for super jumbo, make them easy to distinguish and use. These rollers come in different sizes to allow users the option of smaller or bigger curls. The rollers are covered with a velvety soft material that clings to your hair, keeping them perfectly in place. The comfort hair clips and hair pins included with this device are color coded as well.


  • The ceramic coating of these rollers is something that is very ‘in’ in hair styling as of the moment. This allows for even and high distribution of heat, leaving no hot or cold spots in your hair.
  • The different sizes of the rollers give users an option of what types of curls they want.
  • Damage and breakage due to over-styling is prevented using the device’s pro-ionic conditioning system, which dries you hair in less the needed time.


Customers with particularly thick hair have commented that this product does not work well for them, leaving them with curls that are not satisfactory.

Customer Reviews

It can be said that there most customers are satisfied with the way the Remington H0747 Jumbo Curls Hair Rollers work. The rollers heat up quickly, around 10 minutes, and can then be left in your hair as long as you want. They do not tug or cling to your hair when you are trying to take them out. The curls you are left with last for quite a long time, even without the use of hairspray.

“I wanted big wavy curls with lots of volume and these did the job! Very happy with my purchase and would highly recommend!”

Miss H L Peyton, Amazon Customer Review

“Excellent, gives an instant bouncy hair style in minutes even when the weather is inclement. Easy to use although the rollers do get quite hot so take care near ears!”

Gill, Amazon Customer Review

“I like this product but do find the large rollers quite difficult to stay put even using the big clips along with two ‘u’ shaped clips (but I do happen to have very shiny hair!) They get very hot so I tend to use quite quickly and that does the trick.”

Trudi Savin, Amazon Customer Review

The Remington H0747 Jumbo Curls Hair Rollers has been reviewed by 223 customers on Amazon and has been given a impressive customer score of 3.5 out of 5.0. Click here to read more verified customer reviews on Amazon.


Overall, the Remington H0747 Jumbo Curls Hair Rollers is a practical buy for users looking for a good set of big-sized rollers. If you hair is very thick however, then maybe another styling product should be looked into.

More Popular Heated Rollers

What are Heated Rollers?

Heated rollers are a type of hair styling tool that are used in order to make curls. There are many different kinds, but they are all able to work the same, setting the hair up in curls that can go from simple waves to tight little ringlets. A lot of stores that stock hair accessories and beauty supplies carry these rollers in many different sizes, and they are typically simple to use, although it might take a little practice before a woman can get the final result that they would like to achieve.

In order to use these heated rollers, they will need to be heated up first, hence where they received their name. Most of them fit into a small electric tray that has heating elements which is plugged in a short time before use. In order to use these, the hair needs to be prepared first and then is carefully parted into sections that are then rolled with the rollers. These rollers are left in until they are cooled, and then removed very carefully; for a curl that is firmer, some women place the curlers in before they go to bed and then take them out in the morning.

There are many different ways to get a different look with these curlers. The longer thin rollers, as an example, may be applied vertically to achieve the look of corkscrew curls, while the much larger rollers can be placed in horizontally to make a curl that is going to turn into a wave. Some people like to use different sizes in order to make a more natural look, as curls that are too uniform can look a little artificial. The effect can also be changed by brushing out the curls right after they have been taken out.

When you are preparing your hair for the heated rollers, it is important to understand that the hair will need to be completely dry, otherwise the curls will not set up. Some women like to wash their hair beforehand and apply a mousse the night before they plan to curl their hair in order to avoid this issue. Others will use a blow dryer, and apply a shining conditioner while they are preparing the hair.

Along with the conventional hard rollers, there are also some soft ones that are available. This kind is a lot softer on the head for women who like to sleep in them, although the curls will be a little messier and won’t look as uniform and sleek. Some women like this look, considering it looks more casual and natural, which is best for those women who think that their hair is a little flat or thin.

Types of Heated Rollers

Sponge Heated rollers

Sponge rollers are warmed with steam, allowing the rollers to be warm enough for your hair to be curl in less than 10 minutes. Steam is much gentler than any other kind of heat, as the hair is infused with moisture while it is forming the curls. This makes them the best choice for women who have very dry, damaged or fine hair. By wrapping the ends of the hair in paper, generally the type of paper that is used with perm rods, this makes it a lot easier to roll the hair with the sponge rollers.

Ceramic Hot Rollers

Ceramic hot rollers are made with a ceramic core; this emits ions to help promote healthy, shiny looking curls. Their heat technology of infrared seals in the cuticle of the hairs, which will lock in the newly created curls. By sealing the cuticle of the hair, helps to eliminate any drooping or frizz to the curls that is caused by humidity. These rollers are the best choice for women who have naturally wavy or curly hair, which is most prone to frizz and humidity, or even those who would like their curls to last for a long period of time.

Wax Core Heated Rollers

Wax core rollers, just like the name says, features a center that is made of wax. The reason for this wax center is to be able to hold in the heat for a longer period of time as compared to the other types of rollers.  Since the heated rollers are not supposed to be taken out of the hair until they are entirely cool, it will generally take a little longer when you are using this type of roller, although for those whose hair is curl-resistant, the benefits will be much better with the length of time that these take. Wax core rollers are suggested for those who have fine, healthy hair that would normally reject curls, such as Asian hair. Individuals who have very long or thick hair will also receive great benefits with this type of roller, as the longer amount of time that it takes to cool down allows the rollers heat to penetrate through the many layers of hair that is wrapped around each one of the rollers. The results are generally uniform curls all the way from the root down to the tip.

How to use Heated Rollers?

Begin you styling with dry, clean hair. Brush through the hair to eliminate any tangles, since the curls will be able to hold better in hair that is clump-free. Dry the hair until it is straight with the use of a brush especially if your hair has natural curls, kinks, or waves. Plug the hot roller kit in while you are drying your hair, since the rollers will take a little time before they are heated entirely.

By using your brush or comb, you will need to separate your hair into sections that will be able to fit on the roller. Spray the hair very lightly using a heat protecting spray, to help eliminate the damage from the heat.

Take one section of the hair in your hand, holding it away from your head as far as it will extend. Use your free hand to place the roller on the hair. Make sure that the roller is positioned at the end of the hair on the side that you would like to have it curled towards.

Using the hand that is holding your hair, wrap the end of the hair around the roller. Roll the hair onto the roller towards the top of your head. Use your fingers to help push the hair down onto the roller to ensure that the curls are smooth.

Keep the roller held tight once you reach the top of the head, to keep the curl from coming undone. You can use a clip or a pin to help secure the piece of rolled hair.

Continue to wrap and secure all the hair until you are out of hair. Spray all of the hair lightly with hairspray, to help keep the curls held in. Wait for about 15 minutes before you remove the curlers, as they should be cool by now.

Take the clip off of your roller and unroll until the hair is all removed. Do this to the rest of the curled hair, being very careful that you do not pull on the hair as you are going along. You can tousle or finger comb your hair to make the curls looser if you would like to. Add some more hairspray when you are done to help the curls stay in for a longer period of time.


Heated rollers are for those people that would like to add curls and fullness to their hair. Choosing a set of heated rollers can be extremely difficult since there are plenty of models available. Now that you have seen the various options and read reviews of our top picks on the market, it’s totally up to you to pick one depending on your needs and your budget. If you have any comments, feedback or suggestions about any heated rollers that should be added to the list, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. We appreciate all your opinions!

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